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Contemplative Practitioner, Master Consultant, MSW, BioEnergetic & BioMechanics,

“Art is your life's work...and you’re an artist of people.” I could not have foreseen how these words from a wise one would follow me through a transcendent journey to its realization.

As a professional contemplative, consultant and artist,  I embody the mutually synergistic relationship between these roles. Certainly, the ability to create as the architects, alchemists, and artists of our own everyday experience emerges as we activate our pure potentiality and divine creation through rigorous contemplation and the attainment of Self-realization.

In the process of personal transcendence, we are called to align with the authenticity of our divine creational design and unique creative expression in the world. I channel the creative process with paint, canvas, and other media, as soul expresses through visuals. It is from a similar essence that I engage in the evolution of myself and others foremost via first-person subjective inquiry into the nature of consciousness, the human experience, its interrelation of mind body spirit technology and place in the interconnected experience of the cosmological . The application of my life's work allows me to facilitate with others enlightenment attainment through this experiential study. My work is based on the premise that only through personal alignment attainment, transcendent experiencing, and full reclamation of the true nature, joy is embodied, a limitless nature and that which we are.


To your freedom,



As a child, Chelsea demonstrated an innate ability towards creative expression, building compassionate interpersonal relationships, and a very high emotional, empathic, and psychic intelligence. Expressing naturally through art making from a young age, her aptitudes would lead her to formally earn a degree in Art and Visual Communications while concurrently and passionately studying on her own time within the fields of Bioenergetics, Mind-body Medicine, BioSpiritual Mechanics for wellness, and integrative therapies. When individuals naturally began seeking her for mentorship, healing, and consultation, she went on to realize her gifts by receiving certification within BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique in 2015, and successfully began coaching/mentoring and practicing BioEnergetic Synchronization with clients professionally. Always striving for more knowledge, she would later earn a Masters of Clinical Social Work from Walden University.


Chelsea’s formal training and experience led to extensive work within the Social and altruistic fields with an emphasis on Bioenergetic Practice and metaphysical understanding with the underlying purpose of exploring positive life transformation through dharmic fulfillment. Employed in her work are contemplative methods and interventions rooted in ancient, honed practices beyond limited westernized ideologies for life transformation and which include the holistic empowerment of mind, body, spirit. As a deeply empathic and altruistic guide, Chelsea has worked on the individual, family, and group levels with the intention of reducing the suffering of others through divine purpose and heart-centered care. Her work has led her to serve roles within clinical in-patient and out-patient settings, and as a consultant with contemplative practitioners and scientists. As a professional contemplative, she has expanded awareness into samadhi and other highly realized consciousness states through years of concentrated self-study and attention methods rooted in eastern traditions. Chelsea values diversity, honors the inherent worth of the individual, and provides intuitive consultation with the conviction that all power and healing emerges from the intelligence and wisdom inherent to realizing the Soul Atman within. Freedom and Divine Will are underpinnings of human evolution. Chelsea is based in Ketchikan, Alaska, and has aligned to her dharma of  serious concentrated self study, bridging the psychological, spiritual, and physiological to explore life beyond all limitations inherent to lower expressions of mind. When she is not engaging the process of art making or consulting, you can find her out in nature, researching, participating in serious study of contemplative experiencing and sciences.  

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