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We are One

Join a virtual community of individuals committed to healing, self-development, knowledge integration, and becoming fully activated, self-realized Individuals. The community is based upon mutual support and knowledge sharing as we expand beyond limiting habits and beliefs. Yes, your potential is limitless! It is our deepest of human desires to achieve freedom on every level. We desire to be free of pain, stress, financial distress, and relationship blocks. The level of our freedom is solely based on our behaviors, and our behaviors are based on our thoughts and subconscious mental programming. Tap into your biggest asset- your brain- to allow it to begin working for you rather than against you in your success. Trust yourself. 

Meet Your Facilitator and Mentor

Chelsea Loss is a Masters practitioner who’s motto could be succinctly stated: “we create what we envision through personal alignment, transcendent experiencing, and the reclamation of our true nature. You are an inherently creative, expansive, limitless being!” Her formal training and experience as a Social Worker, Mentor, Advocate, and Bioenergetics Practitioner fosters positive life transformation wherein each client is honored on their path towards life fulfillment. Powerful tools and interventions are utilized on a client-centered basis for care, so that clients can cultivate aspects surrounding the empowerment of mind, body, spirit, and mental/emotional wellness, while accessing a highly individualized and supportive transcendence experience. Some of these tools and interventions include Somatic Internal Family Systems and Inner Child Modalities, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, Meditation and Breathwork, Bioenergetic Synchronization, Artistic Expression, Energy Psychology and Subtle Energy Balancing, Light Language Activation, Therapeutic Visualization, and Cognitive/ Dialectical Behavioral approaches. As a deeply empathic and altruistic guide, Chelsea has worked on the individual, family, and group levels with the intention of reducing the suffering of others through divine purpose and heart-centered care. Her work has led her to serve clients within clinical in-patient and out-patient settings, addressing core distortions through powerful strategies effective at transforming and re-aligning one towards their unique life purpose and personal strengths. She values diversity, honors the inherent worth of the individual, and provides intuitive guidance with the conviction that clients hold all the needed power to access the internal healing intelligence and wisdom within themselves; this is their inherent freedom and intrinsic right. Chelsea is based in Ketchikan, Alaska, and enjoys pushing herself to experience life beyond all limitations. When she is not engaging the process of art making or working with clients, you can find her out in nature, researching, participating in Yoga and meditation, or traveling. 

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Group Details

This group is structured as a support and knowledge sharing community with the aim of fostering coping, skill and goal attainment and information access. As opposed to a therapy group, individuals are encouraged to focus on peer support and prioritize solidarity, empathy for one another, and shared experiences, offering an informal and open discussion format. Chelsea interacts daily and offers the space for questions, which she addresses through the platform. Access to the group is on a come and go basis, through the platform subscription, which is monthly.

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Here, you can:
  • Engage the Interaction of like minded individuals for connection (which is the basis of development). Become informed of empowering tools for healing, activation, and overcoming through valuable group discussion and support. 

  • Explore and share about conciousness expanding concepts from the neurosciences, philosophy of mind, BioEnergetics, art expression, psychology, cosmic conciousness integration (extrasensory and psychospiritual experiences), the direction and potential of human evolution and your own strengths and abilities. 

  • Included in your membership with the group is one monthly personal BioEnergetics session  

  •  One Live video streaming class with Chelsea, through the platform. These video streaming sessions will be every first Sunday of the month and will be recorded. The video recording will be kept in the ‘community’ section of the platform, which can be accessed at any time. 

  • Have fun, achieve breakthroughs, and expand awareness. We hope to see you there!  

                                             Self Investment: $37/mo

Grow Your Vision; Join the Community 

You are the dreamer, the dream, the innefable unmanifested, made manifest.

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